Lockstitch buttonhole sewing machine SC-1790

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SKU: SC-1790.

SC-1790 Pattern sewing machine specifications:

  • Adoption of the world leading AC servo control technology on main shaft motor provides high torque good efficiency, stable speed and low noise
  • Diversified design of control panel can meet the special requirement of users on attachment
  • System adopts German style structure which offers easy installation and maintenance to users
  • The system control software can be updated via the remote communication which is easy for user to improve the performance of the machine
  • Width: 5mm (min:0.05mm)
  • Size of knife: (length: 6.4-31.8mm) (1/4-11/4)
  • Sewing length: 41mm max
  • Sewing speed: standard 3600rpm max 4200rpm
  • Speed control method : input via control panel
  • Needles: DP X 5 #11j- #14j
  • Stroke of needle bar: 34.6mm
  • Threading bar: chain style threading bar
  • Shuttle: type DP all auto rotation oil supply shuttle
  • Presser height: 14mm customized setting max (17mm at contrary rotation)
  • Presser driving device: pulse motor 1pedal-2 pedals
  • Winding: build in type only winding at machine running
  • Cloth feeding driving device: pulse motor
  • Swing needle driving: pulse motor

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