Heavy duty walking foot sewing machine GL-0602

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SKU: GL0602.

GL-0602 machine specifications:

Description: tw1-0602 medium and heavy- duty compound feed machine is designed with single needle, sliding lever to take up thread and large hook to catch thread, which produce lockstitch. It adopts particular compound feed mechanism (unison feed by feed dog, needle and walking foot), high presser foot lift height and long stitch length, it can easy stitch several plies or slippery materials, centralized arm lubrication system, little running noise, easy maintenance, and safety device which prevents hook and sewing mechanic from being damage because of overload. The machine is widely used in sewing suitcase, tent, sofa cushions ect.

  • Applications: medium & heavy weight materials
  • Max sewing speed: 2000 s.p.m
  • Max stitch length: 10mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 33.2mm
  • Thread take up stroke: 68.5mm
  • Presser foot: alternating feet
  • Needle: DPx17 #24 – #18
  • Presser foot lifting height by hand: 8.5 mm
  • Presser foot lifting height by knee: 14mm
  • Hook: big horizontal hook
  • Lubrication: oiled by hand
  • Motor power: 370w
  • Voltage: 110v

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