Flat lock sewing machine LJ-600

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SKU: LJ-600.

LJ-600 Sewing machine specifications:

  • Equipped with direct drive computer
  • Direct drive motor
  • High speed Flatlock sewing machine with servo motor can save up to 40% electricity.
  • Automatic presser foot lifter device.
  • Adopts advanced feeding mechanism upgrading the efficiency. Air compression is required
  • When powered on free of noise without rotation.
  • Suitable for light & medium garment sewing.
  • This machine is used on knitting sewing, the four needle and six needle machine can perform a high tension and very smooth side seam, the cylindered and working foot can easily go through the side seam and folding side. This model is equipped with sing cutter or double cutter it can finish different stitch on different materials.
  • Needle: FLx118A4
  • Number of needles: 4
  • Number of threads: 6
  • Stitch length: 3-8mm
  • Needle gauge: 5.2mm
  • Edge trimmer: 30
  • Sewing speed (RPM): 4200
  • Presser foot height: 6mm
  • Power: 110V

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