Computerized cover stitch (Cylinder bed) sewing machine JK-664

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JK-664 Sewing machine specifications:

  • Small- cylinder stretch sewing machine
  • Including the under bed trimming electromagnetic device
  • Cutting, loosing device, and presser foot lifter electromagnet.
  • Wiper device wipes the end of the thread cut by the UT to accomplish two needle and three thread sewing.
  • Automatic lifter device
  • This type of machine can be assembled for various auxiliary pieces.
  • Low noise & vibration, smooth functioning.
  • Improving 30-40% production efficiency saving over 35% electricity energy.
  • When powered on free of noise without rotation. Improving the structure of garment factories reducing the usage of the sewing thread. Computerized mechanism, High speed interlock sewing machine
  • Sewing stitch and seam expected formation are flexible and feel comfortable.
  • Meets high quality and seeming requirements.
  • Sewing speed (RPM): 6,000
  • Stitch length: 4.5mm
  • Needle space: 3 needle machine
  • Presser foot lifter: 5.8mm
  • Differential feed ratio: 0.6-1.3
  • Power: 110V

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