Bartack sewing machine SGY-1900

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SKU: SGY-1900.

SGY-1900 Sewing machine specifications:

  • New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item
  • Brand: guiyi sew Q
  • Operation: Computerized Type: Sewing/Embroidery Combo
  • Class: Industrial Model: SC201(1900A\1903A)
  • This machine is a computerized high speed bartacking machine
  • Purpose: bartacking\ button lockstitch
  • Max. sewing speed: 3000rpm ( when sewing pitches that are less than 4.5 mm i x-direction and 3.5 mm y direction)
  • Stitch length: 0.1 mm- 10.o mm
  • Feed motion of work clamp foot: intermittent feed
  • Needle bar stroke: 41.2 mm
  • Neddele: DP x 5, DP x 17
  • Type of driving work clamp foot: driven by pulse stepping motor
  • Lift of work clamp foot: 13 mm (standard) max 17 mm
  • Total number of standard patterns: 50
  • Wiper type: to work together with work clamp foot driven by stepping motor
  • Thread clamp: standard 0
  • Max. sewing speed limitation: 400-3000rpm (100rpm step)
  • sewing machine motor: 5000W compact AC servomotor (direct drive)
  • dimensions: 263mm x 153 mm x 212 mm
  • weight: 10kg
  • power consumption: 600W
  • operation temp range: 5 c- 40 c
  • line voltage: single phrase AC 220V + 10% 50-60hz

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